For immediate release: April 2011
Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 2nd Quarter of 2011

Rising Expectations

Have you asked for a raise? Thirty-two percent (32%) of local employers say workers are coming forward to ask about money as the economy improves in 2011. Another twenty-one percent (21%) of companies surveyed report employees have left the company to take another job offering higher pay. In the poll of top regional companies conducted between February 21 and March 14, forty percent (40%) of companies admit they are worried about protecting essential, or core, employees as improving economic conditions create more competitive job opportunities for workers held in place by fear of job loss during the recession.

Surveyed directly by phone, Sacramento regional employer’s responses to issues of employee retention and improving local market conditions are tempered by the recent social upheaval in the Middle East and repercussions from the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami on the economy.

Pacific Staffing discovered that fifty-nine percent (59%) of Sacramento regional employers polled report they are planning to hire in the Second Quarter (Q2).  Thirty-two percent (32%) of hiring motivation is described as growth, adding to existing workforce levels in April, May and June 2011. Twenty-nine percent (29%) of employers report hiring for attrition, to replace current jobs, during Q2.  Once again employer hiring may now be reduced or delayed by concerns about rising costs for gasoline or supply problems originating in Japan. Forty one percent (41%) of 100 top regional companies say they are not planning to hire anyone in the next three months.

While market conditions are improving for many, some companies in specific sectors remain static, or expect to reduce workforce in the Second Quarter. Eight percent (8%) of companies report planned reductions primarily due to slow business. While Service, Manufacturer and Retail sectors show improvement, Construction and property related businesses surveyed remain on hold.  Twelve percent (12%) of planned hiring in the next three months is attributed to seasonal change.

How does this Quarter compare to last Quarter, or last year? Find out for yourself:

Skills Demand

Looking for work in Retail is a good bet for the next Quarter. Sales and customer service were in highest demand, followed by computer-oriented technical skills. Accounting, manufacturing, product assembly, warehouse and shipping workers were also sought by Sacramento regional employers.

Workforce Challenge?

The top challenge ahead for HR pros in the area remain serious concerns about how to manage changes in healthcare/ benefits and cost.

100 Sacramento Regional Top Companies By Industry:

  • 42% are Service
  • 33% are Manufacturers
  • 17% are Construction
  • 8% are Retail

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Results from this study were also shared in the Sacramento Bee.