Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 3rd Quarter of 2011

Renewed Concerns

Hiring in the 3rd Quarter of 2011 will reflect Sacramento regional employer’s concerns about unsteady gasoline prices and economic agitation resulting from renewed fears about State government budgets and overseas debt. Despite those worries local companies are actively hiring for attrition while growth of workforces has been slowed. Growth was given as motivation to hire by just twenty-five percent (25%) of the top employers surveyed directly by telephone between May 22 and June 6th. Hiring attributed to growth has dropped seven percent (7%) from the previous Quarter. More companies are hiring but fewer workers are being employed as sixty-eight percent (68%) will hire in Q3, but forty-three percent (43%) of those hires are motivated only by expected workforce attrition.

Twenty-two percent (22%) of hiring was attributed to seasonal needs in construction, agriculture and summer service industry employment. Thirty-two percent (32%) of Sacramento employers surveyed on behalf of Pacific Staffing indicate no hiring planned for July, August and September 2011. Just one company indicated any plan to reduce their workforce in the next three months.

Graduate Hiring Demand: Special Report

2011 will be a difficult year for new graduates entering the workforce. When Sacramento regional employers were asked, “Will your company make any effort to hire new graduates?” seventy percent (70%) said No. Among the thirty percent (30%) indicating they would seek help from recent college graduation, those students with science and technology degrees were in highest demand. Service industry firms were looking for IT, Economics/Business, RN’s and Laboratory science degrees. Manufacturers and Construction firms indicated interest in hiring IT, Business, Biology/Lab Science expertise and degrees including Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Structural Engineering.

Workforce Challenge?

The top challenge ahead for HR pros in the area remains concerns over healthcare costs and benefit changes. Some employers indicate problems with overtime, morale and increasing difficulty in finding qualified skilled applicants.

100 Sacramento Regional Top Companies By Industry:

  • 38% are Service
  • 34% are Manufacturers
  • 17% are Construction
  • 11% are Retail

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