‘Pogo’ Markets Flatten Local Hiring
While Sacramento’s top employers are hiring, they continue to show extreme caution as events outside the area raise concerns about the economy. Like the up and down bouncing of the children’s toy, extreme fluctuations on Wall Street and in the greater world economy are impacting hiring trends revealed by Pacific Staffing for October, November and December.

62% of Respondents Report They Will Hire
Polled directly by phone sixty-two percent (62%) of Sacramento’s top companies say they will hire in the Fourth Quarter, but forty-two percent (42%) of planned hiring was motivated only by the need for replacements.  These levels mirror a straight line, or flat trend from Q 3’s numbers continuing to reflect caution in hiring for expansion by employers.

On the flip side, some industries are improving and thirty percent (30%) of hiring was also cited for growth needs, which is a slight improvement from Q3 when twenty-five percent  (25%) of hiring was motivated by planned expansion. Service industry companies were discovered to be most active in hiring during the Fourth Quarter.

10% of Respondents Report Looming Layoffs
Ten percent (10%) of companies say they planned to layoff workers in the next three months. Half those reductions, or 5% are motivated by seasonal change.  The remaining reductions caused by acquisitions and slowing business demand according to employers surveyed between 8/29 – 9/23/ 2011.

Workforce Challenge?
Employers continue to say benefits costs and management are their biggest struggle. A new challenge was noted, as some companies report finding qualified applicants is becoming an issue. Specific skills in high demand are technical including software design and digital networking, with biology lab science, allied health skills, sales and customer service workers in demand.

Special Report: Do Sacramento Employers ‘Like’ Social Networks?
When asked if their company had a page on the social network, Facebook, fifty-four percent (54%) of Sacramento’s top companies said, ‘Yes’.  Twenty-four percent (24%) admitted to looking at job applicants social network posts in hiring, while twenty-nine percent (29%) say they are spending part of their budget on social networks, through marketing or human resource departments.

100 Sacramento Regional Top Companies By Industry:

  • 38% Service
  • 37% Manufacturers
  • 16% Construction
  • 9% are Retail

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This research was also recently highlighted in the Sacramento Bee.