Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 2nd Quarter of 2012

What’s Up With Hiring?

Hiring motivated by the need to grow workforces in Sacramento will rise above hiring only for replacements for the first time in several years in the Second Quarter of 2012.

In direct contacts by phone with Sacramento’s top regional companies, Pacific Staffing has discovered significant indications of economic improvement as seventy-one percent (71%) of employers say they are hiring in April, May and June 2012. For the first time in years, forty-two percent (42%) of planned hiring was motivated by the need to grow existing workforces. While just thirty-eight percent (38%) of Sacramento regional employers, polled directly between February 27th and March 17th, attributed hiring needs to attrition, or replacements within their existing workforces. Hiring attributed to growth demands has trended up for three Quarters in a row among Sacramento employers surveyed.

Warmer temperatures are also heating up hiring demand as Sacramento’s regional agriculture, recreation and hospitality companies begin seasonal hiring. Ten percent (10%) of hiring demand in Q2 is attributed to seasonal change. While most of the regional economy is improving, some of those involved in residential construction, property development and some peripheral industries remain slow. Three percent (3%) of those surveyed report they will consider reducing workforces in the next three months as business remains slow for their individual companies.

Workforce Challenge?

Sacramento’s employment marketplace is warming back to life but recent strong spikes in gasoline costs were of great concern to those polled. In anecdotal conversations with company contacts, higher transportation costs for employees; and increased company transportation and petroleum related products costs could throw cold water on hiring plans quickly forcing a renewed slowdown.

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Skills Demand?

While companies are getting a large number of applicants, many are noting the first problems in selecting specific qualifications. Finding applicants with specific skills are among first concerns as companies seek customer service, sales, technical, general office, manufacturing and warehouse workers in the next three months                                       

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:  

  • 45% are Service
  • 32% are Manufacturers
  • 15% are Construction
  • 8% are Retail

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