As one of the leading staffing agencies in Northern California, Pacific Staffing knows that when it comes time to hire, many employers have a similar process in place. Create and post a job description, screen resumes, conduct interviews, hire a candidate.

But before you even put pen to paper to write that job description, have you looked internally for the candidate you need? In other words, is your next great hire for a position staring you in the face and working at the company already?

If you’re not sure, then it’s time to consider hiring from within. Here are 3 reasons why:

Reason #1: It Costs Less 

Recruiting from within costs less, plain and simple. You don’t have to spend the time screening dozens of resumes and conducting intensive job interviews.

That’s not to say an internal candidate shouldn’t go through a rigorous process in order to get hired for a new position. They should. But you don’t need to spend the time and resources to find the candidate and get to know the basics about them. They’re already a known entity.

Reason #2: The Learning Curve is Shorter

An internal candidate already knows the company, the people, the policies, and the culture. This is incredibly important, especially the latter point because a cultural mismatch is one of the top reasons new hires quit.

In addition, because the candidate is well versed about the company, they won’t need to spend the time to learn about it and can become almost immediately productive in the position.

Reason #3: It Sends a Message 

Promoting from within sends a clear message to your entire staff that there’s room for advancement at the company. Not only will this enhance employee morale, but it can also be a retention tool that can lower turnover.

When it comes to hiring, you want the best candidate possible to win the job. That certainly might mean looking outside the company for the right fit talent. However, when you’re hiring, don’t overlook the rich source of talent that is right under your feet. As stated above, hiring from within can provide your company with a whole host of important benefits.

Need Help Hiring Externally?

If you don’t have the skill set you need in-house, let Pacific Staffing know. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Northern California, we will partner with you to get to know your company and your staffing needs – and then get to work finding candidates who are a great fit for you. Contact us today to learn more.