Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 4th Quarter of 2013

Party Time?
No Layoffs, Growth Hiring and Seasonal Celebrations Return

With housing prices and consumer spending on the upswing and falling unemployment rates across the nation, Sacramento’s top employers are also keeping up the pace in growing local workforces in the next three months. In direct telephone contacts with the region’s top companies, Pacific Staffing has discovered none of those surveyed plan layoffs in October, November and December.

In another positive sign of continuing local recovery top employers report they are motivated to hire for growth of workforces in the final Quarter of 2013. Fifty percent (50%) polled between August 21 and September 16th say they are hiring for growth demands with thirty-eight percent (38%) of hiring thru year’s end needed for replacements, or attrition in their existing workforce.

Nine percent (9%) was attributed to seasonal change.

However, when asked specifically about adding holiday help just two percent (2%) say they will add workers for the next traditional holiday Quarter. Eighty-six percent (86%) of all companies surveyed say they won’t, and the question wasn’t answered or didn’t apply to twelve percent (12%) of those polled.

When specifically asked, ‘Are you hiring more part-time workers this year?’ Just fifteen percent (15%) say they are with the majority hiring for full time jobs among Sacramento’s top employers.

The celebration of the holiday season is getting a revival after many parties were ended after 9/11 and further cut by cost concerns from the recession. While many employers have company celebrations, employee awards dinners or family picnics, 46% of those asked directly about having a holiday party say they will. In the Pacific Staffing Trends Survey in 2000, seventy-seven percent (77%) partied during Q4.

Skills Demand &Workforce Challenge?
IT programmers and other tech skills are in high demand among all companies with some reporting recruiting outside the Sacramento market. Seven percent (7%) of those polled say they are having a challenge finding qualified workers, including a specific demand for drivers among all industry segments. The largest single headache reported is the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Anecdotal complaints include lack of knowledge, unclear expectations, costs and legal issues arising from the national healthcare act.

Skills Demand?
Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:

  • 31% are Service
  • 40% are Manufacturers
  • 19% are Construction
  • 10% are Retail

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