Robust Hiring Grows in Spring Quarter

From general labor to degreed professional the top companies in Sacramento are actively hiring in the next three months. In a phone poll conducted among top regional employers regularly since 1992, Pacific Staffing has discovered seventy-two percent (72%) of those surveyed are expecting to hire in Q2 2014.

In direct calls between February 24 and March 21, regional companies also noted a wide range of workers and skills being sought by Sacramento regional employers thru the spring. Across the board companies have immediate needs for licensed route and delivery drivers. Bottling, commodity, products and agricultural companies all seek transportation backgrounds. Other regional companies are noting shortages of highly specialized IT skills including network, programming and proprietary specific technical backgrounds such as construction estimating and industry information management.

This continues a robust upward trend in regional workforce levels as fifty-five percent (55%) of companies attribute hiring in April, May and June to growth, or expansion of existing workforce levels. That increases hiring for expansion five percent (5%) over the same quarter last year among regional companies. Those Sacramento regional employers polled also saying forty percent (40%) of hiring is due to attrition among the
existing workforce.

Only one company reported any plan to reduce their workforce size in the next three months as part of an ongoing merger acquisition. Active hiring has also raised concerns among employers polled of finding qualified new workers and retention of those currently working.

Skills Demand?
Employers report demand is so strong they are recruiting out of the Sacramento market for some IT and technical backgrounds. High employer demand was also noted in the Second Quarter for anufacturing/warehouse, accounting/finance skills and customer service/sales. Skilled trades professionals were in demand among Construction firms, while electro/mechanical technicians were sought by Manufacturing companies.

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:
36% are Manufacturers, 30% are Service, 23% are Construction and 11% are Retail

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