No one wants to scramble to find people when they’re short on medical staff. It’s important to fill talent gaps quickly, but not at the expense of patient care. Thinking strategically and developing a plan to readily access skilled medical professional can ensure that your patients get the care they need and you are not spending too much time and money on staffing.

Step One: Establish your needs. Do you need traveling nurses to handle an influx of retirees during the winter months? Has your health care administrator resigned? How quickly must they be replaced? Do you need some medical billers to work their way through a backlog of overdue invoices? Create a timeline of your projected needs, then budget the time and money it will cost to meet them effectively.

Step Two: Define the hiring process. Where will you find candidates? Will HR perform initial screenings? What is a better fit for your requirements – contract help or direct hire? How many people must interview each candidate? Will there be pre-employment testing? Background checks? At what stage in the interview/offer process will they be conducted?

Step Three: Establish a decision method. Who makes the final decision on candidates? Do department heads or HR have veto power? Are they capable of making a quick decision so that you can hire promptly? Reducing time-to-hire is key in avoiding talent gaps and preventing the loss of in-demand candidates to a slow hiring process.

Step Four: Ask for help. Working with a recruiting partner who specializes in medical staffing can make your job a lot easier. You’ll be able to access pre-screened, vetted talent that matches your qualifications. You’ll spend less time sorting resumes, conduct much fewer interviews and achieve a faster hiring result.

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