As a leading executive placement firm in Woodland, CA, Pacific Staffing knows helping the environment isn’t the only reason your company should consider ‘going green.’ By making sustainability a priority at your organization, you can also positively impact your ability to attract today’s top talent – and tomorrow’s business leaders.

In fact, according to findings released in an Environmental Attitudes Survey in June by TD Bank, 36% of respondents said they evaluate a company’s environmental position, and nearly a quarter of respondents would refuse a job if they disagreed with the company’s sustainable impact. The survey polled more than 2,200 employed consumers of all ages about their environmental behaviors, preferences and expectations.

Other findings:

  • 80% of those surveyed said they would contribute financially to improve their own environmental impact at the workplace.
  • Millennials in particular (age 18 – 34) were significantly more likely to evaluate an organization’s environmental impact – 49% – and 28% said they would refuse a job based on environmental practices.

“The results of our study indicate that employees hold a company’s environmental commitment in high regard,” said Diana Glassman, Head of Environmental Affairs at TD Bank. “Implementing a strong and innovative environmental program is not only the right thing to do, it is an effective way to attract, inspire and retain the best and brightest employees.”

Clearly, quality talent – especially those that fall within the Millennial generation – are increasingly attracted to companies that place an emphasis on sustainability. So how can you make your company more appealing to them?

  • Create a green workplace. According to recent studies, sustainable workplaces boost employee retention along with productivity. In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council says that LEED-certified buildings are demonstrating increased recruitment and retention rates and increased productivity benefits for employers. In addition, LEED-certified buildings are also found to reduce absenteeism.
  • Purchase sustainable products. Another area in which to demonstrate environmental sustainability is by purchasing ‘green’ products for the office, or purchasing from companies that have shown a commitment to caring for the environment.
  • Broadcast your efforts. Potential recruits won’t know about your efforts unless you broadcast them. Share information about your sustainability practices with your employees in internal communications, as well as on your general website, career website and social media pages.

If you want to attract the best, you need to be a cut above your competition. One way of doing that is by developing and promoting a culture of sustainability. Today’s leaders want it, tomorrow’s will demand it.

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