You’ve just accepted a new leadership position. Congratulations. As experienced executive recruiters in Northern California, we know that now comes the hard part – leading and motivating a team of different personalities to accomplish a diverse set of organizational goals. To achieve positive performance, you need to set the tone. Here’s how:

Get to Know Your People

If you are walking into a new position at a new company, take the time to get to know your team members and your counterparts. Host a lunch to build camaraderie, attend as many meetings as you can to meet your colleagues, and make an effort to go to after-hour social functions to network. Not only will you learn more about the people you are working with directly, but you will also gain a stronger sense of the company landscape – knowledge that will help you operate more successfully in your new position.

Meet Individually With Your Team Members

Your staff might not feel comfortable discussing issues with you in a group setting. It’s therefore important to meet with each of your new team members individually to discuss job responsibilities and performance goals, as well as any issues or concerns they have going forward. Part of being a successful boss is listening to your people. When your employees feel like their voices are being heard, they’ll be more comfortable coming to you in the future to express ideas or challenges they’re facing.

Be an Example

If you want your employees to respect each other and to be accountable, then you need to model that behavior. Don’t say one thing, then do another. Perform your job well, be a confident leader and take responsibility for your actions.

Take Change Slow

Don’t make sweeping changes your first week on the job. Instead, take the time to learn about your team’s strengths and weaknesses, individual skill sets, and what’s working and what’s not. That could take weeks, or even months. But you may come to realize your original plan of action is not appropriate, or that you simply need to tweak a strategic plan already in place.

Support Your Staff in Their Careers

One of the biggest motivators for your team members is a sense of pride in their work. If they feel they’re truly the best at what they do, it goes a long way in improving morale, retention and productivity. But becoming the best takes training and education. That’s why it’s important to nurture employees and invest in their career development.

Remember, setting the tone – and making your mark in a new executive management position – is about building productive relationships, sharing your vision and effectively motivating your team toward achieving it.

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