Like the Weather, Capitol Growth Cools Off in Q4


Customer service, sales, manufacturing and drivers are in high demand among Sacramento’s top employers in October, November and December.  Making, storing, distributing and selling products is driving hiring in the next Quarter. Truck drivers able to pass background, DMV and drug tests can find work with bottling plants, regional distribution centers, materials suppliers, local delivery and manufacturers.


Pacific Staffing has discovered that a robust hiring market in the last Quarter has maintained its pace into the last three months of 2014 among the region’s top companies. One difference noted is the change in motivation for hiring as learned from direct phone contacts with regional companies between August 21 and September 12, 2014.


While seventy percent (70%) of top employers surveyed say they will hire in Q4, growth hiring among those firms has fallen from Q3 levels. The Pacific Staffing Survey shows more Sacramento employers will seek applicants for attrition to replace openings in the existing workforce in October, November and December than for continuing expansion.


Sacramento regional employers say forty-eight percent (48%) of Q4 hiring is motivated by the need for attrition. Hiring for replacements dropped slightly, from fifty percent (50%) in Q3, while employers motivated to hire for growing the workforce has fallen further as forty-three (43%) will hire for growth in the last three months of 2014.  While growth hiring has dropped by seven percent (7%) from last quarter it remains at a higher level than recent years for this Quarter.


Skills Demand?

Seasonal hiring was noted by eight percent (8%) of firms, and every Retailer surveyed is hiring for the next three months indicating a likely increase in holiday help in stores. Drivers remain in short supply, as companies also sought sales, customer service, manufacturing, warehouse and general office help.  Finding qualified applicants and retention of workers trailed only concerns about increasing benefit costs for employees for open enrollments in this Quarter.


The demand among all companies for degreed professionals in information technology, software development, mobile networking and other proprietary technical skills like construction estimators is ongoing. Another shortage noted was for construction trades backgrounds with a high priority on skilled carpentry. Despite seasonal change continuing dry, warm weather will allow Construction/Property Development firms to work thru Q4 and most surveyed are hiring.


Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:  

  • Service – 42%
  • Manufacturers – 31%,
  • Construction – 19%  and
  • Retail – 8%