A key company leader is stepping down. It is your responsibility to fill the role. A direct report of theirs expresses interest in the position. Do you hire from within? Or do you open up the process for external candidates?

As executive search experts in the Sacramento, CA area, Pacific ExecSearch knows promoting from within may seem to be the easy way out of a challenging hiring process. And in fact, you may already know the individual has the skill set to do the job, meshes well with your culture and can operate successfully within the business environment. As a result, your hiring risks are far lower. In addition, offering emerging leaders the opportunity for advancement is key to retaining them.

That said, simply making the promotion and skipping a full executive search process is not advisable. Opening up the search to include external candidates helps make sure the internal candidate has been thoroughly vetted, and offers you the opportunity to evaluate the market and feel confident in your ultimate hiring decision.

When engaged in a hiring process that involves both internal and external candidates, it’s crucial to keep the lines of communication open with the existing employee. The internal candidate should be made aware that the organization is conducting an external search for candidates as well, what the process looks like, and the timetable for making a decision.

It’s also important to manage the internal candidate’s expectations. While they may be the strongest contender for the job in the beginning of the process, a better option may emerge later down the line. It’s therefore key to avoid making any promises – whether explicit or implied – about the outcome of the hiring process.

And finally, ensuring that each candidate – internal and external – undergo the exact same process is vital for the integrity of your search. If external candidates must face panel interviews, then internal ones should do the same. Many organizations are tempted to streamline the process for internal candidates; however, when it comes to an executive search, all candidates should go through the same process. Not only will it offer you peace of mind in your final hiring decision, but if the internal candidate does secure the position, then they will bring more credibility to their new role.

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