As one of Northern California’s top medical staffing agencies, Pacific MedStaff knows that most jobs get more demanding during the busy end-of-year season – and healthcare is no exception. So if you work in a job in the health field, how can you balance meeting your career and your holiday demands, while still also enjoy the season in the process? It’s all about preparation. To help you, follow these tips:

Prepare for Your Schedule

Due to your schedule, you may have to work on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day or a time when your entire family is getting together. But if you prepare for it ahead of time, then you can plan get togethers in advance.

For instance, if you know you will be working a 12-hour shift Christmas day, then have your big celebration the day before, on Christmas Eve. Healthcare workers simply have to deal with scheduling challenges – it’s a way of life. But it doesn’t need to take away from your joy during the holidays. Your employer may even allow you to invite some family members to work during your shift so you can have a quick visit.

Prepare for Your Emotions

Caring for sick patients is trying any time of year, but more so during the holiday season. And, as you know, anyone who forgoes their holiday festivities to come to the hospital or doctor is typically very sick. Seeing an ill child or terminal patient can be especially heart-wrenching this time of year, so prepare for it emotionally. Try to stay as busy as possible during the workday and keep your attitude in check. A negative one will impact the care you deliver and the overall well being of your patients.

Prepare for the Perks

Some employers pay their employees more for working during the holidays. If yours is one of them, then enjoy this perk and have fun planning how you’ll spend the extra money. Perhaps you’ll take a vacation come spring, or be able to pay off your car. If your employer doesn’t offer these extras, then still try to make the holidays you do work festive by having a gift exchange or holiday potluck with your co-workers.

Even though healthcare workers sometimes miss celebrations with family and friends, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this time of year…with a little planning ahead.

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