From your RNs to your medical billers, your staff is the foundation of your practice or facility. But, as a top provider of medical staffing services in Sacramento, Pacific MedStaff knows if your people aren’t happy, not only can it affect their performance, it can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. So how can you create a better work environment that reduces turnover and improves employee satisfaction? Start by following these tips:

Make your employees feel appreciated.

One of the biggest complaints of medical staff employees is that they feel under-appreciated. Keep in mind, though, people need to be recognized for performing good work, even if they’re simply doing their jobs. Otherwise, they’ll grow disengaged and disconnected. So whether it’s pulling a nurse aside and thanking them for how they handled a particularly difficult patient, or offering monetary rewards to medical administrative staff who achieve certain goals, remember to recognize and praise your people regularly.

Be clear about responsibilities.

If people are unclear about what they’re supposed to be doing, then they’re going to flounder on the job. They won’t be confident, enjoy their work, or feel as if they’re doing a good job. If their responsibilities aren’t outlined, if expectations are constantly changing, or if requirements aren’t clear, then your employees are at a high risk of burning out.

Invest new technology.

When employees have to use obsolete, old and slow software and equipment, they’re going to grow frustrated and quit…especially if they’re part of a younger demographic. While investing in advanced technology can be expensive, it’s a must not only if you want to retain top medical staff, but also deliver the best patient care.

Pay medical staff competitively.

If you’re underpaying your employees, you’re not going to hold onto them for very long. So do some research and compare your staff’s salaries with that of your competitors to ensure you’re on the mark in terms of compensation. In addition, while you may not be able to offer raises, one way to motivate and retain top staff is to offer incentives for meeting specific milestones.

Offer educational opportunities.

While investing in continuing education may seem costly, it actually pays off in the long run in the form of a more skilled workforce and increased employee loyalty. So make education a priority among your staff, whether it’s offering to pay for classes at a local college, or scheduling regular lunch-and-learn sessions.

If you need additional help recruiting and retaining your medical staff, call Pacific MedStaff. As Northern California’s top medical staffing agency, we can serve as your source for the best medical specialists and medical administrative staff. Contact us today to learn more about our medical staffing services in Sacramento.