Job demand & hiring trends for local Sacramento companies in the 2nd Quarter of 2015


Jobs Demand Shows Signs of Stalling Amid Ongoing Rise


The Q2 jobs market may have reached a plateau among some sectors of the Sacramento economy.


Like a failing tire, a portion of Sacramento’s top employers surveyed say the business climate is ‘flat’. In anecdotal comments, several firms representing all sectors expected business to ‘slow’ and some polled also noted ‘work moving to China’ from our market. However, while hiring may be slow at some firms and employers showing caution, Pacific Staffing discovered that sixty-seven percent (67%) of regional companies polled say they are motivated to hire in April, May and June.


Another secondary note of caution comes in the type of hiring Sacramento’s top companies will be doing in the Second Quarter. While growth hiring outstripped replacements in recent quarterly polls, HR contacts pushed hiring for replacements within current workforces ahead of growth hiring for the first time in 2015. In contacts with regional companies between 2/17-3/17/2015, forty-eight percent (48%) are motivated to hire for attrition or replacements within current workforces. Hiring for expansion of workforces dropped behind to forty-six percent (46%) of demand in the next three months.


Third, while many companies are hiring in the next three months, six percent (6%) plan to reduce workforce through layoffs in Q2 and one company closed after being sold. Several other firms have moved hiring functions out of the area, in some cases to China.


Skills Demand?

The majority of Sacramento regional employers are focused on customers, as customer service/sales is in highest demand for the next three months. Other firms note strong demand for general office, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and warehouse experience. Some companies report problems in hiring specific skillsets, including delivery drivers, IT/Engineering, RN’s, lab techs and skilled construction trades, like carpentry.




Companies polled for Q2 report finding qualified applicants in the market becoming a problem, and retention of current employees a growing concern.  They also say new laws in sick leave and ongoing controversy over the ACA rules and benefits are continuing headaches.


Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:

  • 36% Service
  • 34% Manufacturers
  • 21% Construction
  • 9% are Retail


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