You need to hire a new executive and are considering bringing an experienced executive search firm on board. What can you expect from the process? Here’s a look:

An initial meeting.

A recruiter from the executive search firm will meet with you to learn more about your company and its culture, as well as get an overview of your needs, goals, and timelines.

A deeper dive.

Through additional meetings with key company personnel, the executive search firm will then begin a more in-depth analysis of your company. They will start developing a candidate profile for the type of executive that will be a fit for your organizational needs and corporate culture. They will also develop a job description that defines the role, responsibilities, and background requirements.

The search begins.

Once a candidate profile and job description are defined, the executive search firm will develop and implement a search strategy comprised of a variety of sources, including their own database, networks and contacts, as well as sources from the Internet and competitors.

Identifying candidates.

Once the search process is well underway, the executive search firm will begin generating a list of candidates they’re interested in learning more about. The recruiter will qualify these candidates through a series of screen and interviews. A short-list of top candidates will then be created.

Checking backgrounds.

Before an executive search firm presents you with a candidate, they will conduct a basic background check to verify each candidate’s credentials. Once a candidate passes this stage of the process, they will be presented to your company as a candidate.

Verifying references.

While your company is conducting interviews, the search firm will assist with conducting reference checks. This stage of the process will narrow the list of candidates down further to approximately three to five choices.

A decision is made.

The search firm will offer their final thoughts on each candidate and their recommendation. Once you’ve made a hiring decision and extended an offer, the negotiation process begins. The search firm will often act as a mediator in the process.

The new hire is onboarded.

Once a candidate accepts your offer, the executive search firm will assist with the onboarding process to ensure the candidate is successfully integrated into the team.

Every organization can greatly benefit from hiring the right people in the top positions. But in some cases, to do it right, you need the help of an executive search firm. If you’d like to learn more about how your company can benefit from a search firm, contact Pacific ExecSearch. As a leading executive search firm in Sacramento, CA, we have extensive experience sourcing, evaluating and helping companies hire mission-critical professionals for high-level positions.

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