You’ve made the offer. Your top pick candidate has accepted. Now the hard work is done, right? Wrong. As a leading Sacramento medical staffing agency, Pacific MedStaff knows there’s still plenty to do to ensure your new hire gets off to the best start possible. When you take the same care in effectively onboarding a new hire to your medical practice as you do in selecting candidates, the end result is a happier, more productive, and more confident employee. In turn, this can positively impact patient satisfaction with your practice.

So regardless of how big or small your practice is, a thorough orientation is important for a smooth start. To help you in the process, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the new hire has a map of your facility and/or the hospital, parking information, and they know which entrance to use on their first day of work.
  • Make sure they have copies of key policies and procedures that might be helpful to review before their start date.
  • Alert your other staff members when the new hire will be starting and offer them some information on their background. Also, create a staff directory with headshots and staff contact information to give to your new hire.
  • Give your new employee a welcome gift basket as a friendly way to introduce them to your practice. Also, be sure to provide them with plenty of information about your practice, such as back issues of newsletters or any important events that are coming up. Doing so will help ensure they get engaged and remain invested.
  • Assign a point person to not only handle new hire orientation, but also to be available to answer any questions or concerns the new hire might have. Make sure the individual has the point person’s contact information so they can call or email them.
  • Follow up on a weekly basis, especially during those first few months, to check in with the new hire. Address any issues or concerns they are having.

The better your orientation process, the better chance there is that your new hire will succeed on the job – and stay with your practice in the years to come.

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