If you’re searching for a new job in healthcare, then you likely know that before your next interview, you need to research the organization and spend time practicing answers to common questions. However, as one of the leading medical employment agencies in Sacramento, Pacific MedStaff can tell you that there are a few other less well known tips you should keep in mind in order to ensure success in your next job interview. Here’s a look at 5 of them:

Tip #1: Learn about those who will interview you.

Before your interview, ask with whom you’ll be interviewing and what their roles are within the organization. Once you know, go to Google or LinkedIn to do some research on their background. During your interview, work in subtle references to any commonalities that you share.

Tip #2: Create a foolproof plan.

Nothing can derail you in a job interview more than arriving late or unprepared. To avoid this nightmare scenario, create a foolproof plan for the day. Make sure you have a back-up alarm ready to go off in case your primary alarm fails. Do a practice drive to the interview site the day before to ensure you know how to get there and check for any delays, like construction, along the way. Make sure your interview attire is selected and ironed or dry cleaned the night before. Also, bring a back up blouse or dress shirt just in case you spill your coffee or juice along the way on your drive.

Tip #3: Pay attention to your body language in the interview.

A key aspect of interviewing success is your body language. The way you shake hands, sit, and make eye contact all convey certain information to the person interviewing you. That’s why it’s important to avoid body language that conveys a lack of confidence or, on the flip side, arrogance. Also, make sure you don’t fidget too much and take your cues from the interviewer. If they seem to want to make small talk before the interview, then engage with them. If they want to get straight down to business, then get right into why you’re the best fit professional for the job.

Tip #4: Treat everyone with respect.

The interviewer isn’t the only person you’ll encounter during your interview. Make sure you treat everyone you meet – from the receptionist to support staff to prospective colleagues – with the same level of respect. If you don’t, someone could report back to the hiring manager, impacting your chances of landing the offer.

Tip #5: Send a thank you note.

According to most hiring managers, they appreciate receiving a follow up thank you note after interviewing a candidate. So send one as soon as you can, whether via email or mail. Re-iterate your interest in the job, as well as your strengths, and cover any additional details or information you forgot to highlight in the interview.

Do you need more help finding a new job in healthcare? Call Pacific MedSearch. As one of the leading medical employment agencies in Sacramento, our experienced professionals can help you polish your resume and your interviewing skills, as well as help you find the job that’s just right for you. Contact us today to learn more.