Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 1st Quarter of 2016

Special Report: You’re Fired!

Dishonest, unreliable jerks need not apply. When Sacramento’s top regional employers were asked, “What one thing will get you fired?” companies responded with a wide range of issues that will result in an employee’s immediate termination. As discovered by Pacific Staffing in a previous Employment Trends Survey in 1997 honesty remains the number one issue in letting a worker go. However, the 2016 workplace has introduced more changes and challenges for human resource managers to consider as ‘just cause’ for firing.  While fifty-two percent (52%) cited honesty as paramount previously, in this survey conducted between November 18- December 18, 2015, half as many or twenty-seven percent (27%) noted it as primary concern. Individual conduct, interpersonal relations, gender roles, safety and criminal issues like drug abuse and violence now require more workplace attention.

In 2016 issues of individual on-the-job behavior and sexual harassment were noted by eighteen percent (18%) in this latest poll, with stealing/theft next as noted by fourteen percent (14%) as a reason for instantly firing a worker.

An employee’s inability to perform the work is a new issue as noted by ten percent (10%) while another two percent (2%) answered that repeated failure to show up as scheduled would also provoke immediate action. Other Sacramento regional employers also say an individual’s failure to follow safety rules on the job, bullying, drug abuse or violence are also immediate causes for potentially getting fired from the job!

Hiring in January, February and March among Sacramento companies has slowed as fifty-eight percent (58%) of regional employers polled say they will hire in the first Quarter, down from seventy-six percent (76%) reported last quarter. Motivation for seeking workers is almost even in Q1 as thirty-seven percent (37%) was attributed to replacements in the existing workforce with hiring for growth noted by thirty-eight percent (38%) of company contacts. Six percent (6%) of expected hiring in the next three months was attributed to seasonal demand.

Skills Demand?

Route and delivery drivers are less an issue this quarter, but companies are finding some entry level and qualified applicants difficult to fill in the Sacramento market. Customer service, sales, accounting, engineering and specialized technical skills are in demand thru March.  Construction companies also noted severe shortages of building experience, particularly skilled trades backgrounds in high demand in the upcoming Quarters.                                  


Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:  

  • 42% Service
  • 34% Manufacturers
  • 16% Construction
  • 8% Retail