Do you regularly update your resume? If not, then the New Year is the perfect time to take a look at this all-important document and spruce it up. Here are 5 tips to help you in the process:

Tip #1: Create a summary of qualifications.

As one of the leading medical employment agencies in Sacramento, Pacific MedStaff knows if you don’t already have one at the top of your resume, then you need to create a summary of qualifications. This provides an overview to potential employers of the value you can bring to their practice, facility or organization. Highlight what you offer by describing your specialty area, level of experience and education, and any other top credentials.

Tip #2: Insert a section about your expertise.

After your summary of qualifications, insert a bulleted section about your areas of expertise (for instance, case management and JCAHO standards). It should also include important keywords from the job posting. Adding this section will give employers an opportunity to see a snapshot of your skill set and capabilities. You can also list your specialties here (such as obstetrics, GI, or rheumatology) instead of in the summary of qualifications.

Tip #3: Promote your nursing experience.

To see if you’re the right match for the job, employers need to understand your scope of experience. So describe your past positions, as well as your caseload within each. You should also include the types of facilities you have experience working in, such as a private practice, hospital setting, or nursing home.

Tip #4: Highlight your accomplishments.

In addition to your daily job duties, you also want to demonstrate that you’re a top employee. For instance, did you serve on a committee or board at your past place of employment or within the community? Did you help to launch any new services or improve existing ones? Did you help your employee achieve an important accreditation? Whatever the case for you, make sure you communicate the positive impact you’ve made in the past.

Tip #5: Don’t forget about education.

In your education section, make sure all of your academic honors, scholarships, and continuing education are listed. Also list your GPA if it’s an impressive one. This is also a good place to include licensure information.

Beyond your resume, make sure you also update and polish your LinkedIn profile based on the above changes. Many healthcare recruiters use sites like LinkedIn to find candidates when they’re hiring.

Are you looking for a nursing job in Sacramento? The experts at Pacific MedStaff can help. As one of the leading medical employment agencies in Sacramento, we can partner with you to learn about your nursing skills and healthcare background – and then match you with an opportunity that’s just right for you. Contact us today to learn more.