As one of Sacramento’s top staffing agencies, Pacific Staffing knows when employees aren’t happy, it impacts your bottom line. Either they’ll leave in the physical sense, or check out mentally.

In fact, a recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.

So if your employees could use a boost in the happiness department, but you don’t have the budget to hand out raises, what can you do? Here are 5 tips to help you:

#1. Help employees better manage work life issues.

When employees feel frazzled and stressed all the time due to lack of balance, it’s going to impact their productivity at work. Plus, today’s workers want – and expect – more flexible hours and the ability to work from home when they can. If you give them a way to achieve a better balance in their lives, the chances of them remaining loyal to your company are far greater.

#2. Keep your door open.

Just think about the amount of time your people spend at work. If they feel like they can’t ever talk to their boss, or are don’t have a voice at work, they’re going to become frustrated. But when companies are transparent with their employees – and leaders are approachable, it has a positive impact on engagement.

#3. Have some fun.

This doesn’t mean making your employees beat each other up at the local laser tag. But it does mean embracing everyone’s unique personality and quirks and encouraging people to laugh and have fun. Not only does this relieve stress, but it brings your team closer together.

#4. Show your thanks.

When employees know you value them, they’re much more likely to stay engaged and motivated. If they perform consistently well, or take a risk that pays off, show your appreciation through some kind of reward, whether it’s movie tickets or a small bonus.

#5. Offer development opportunities.

When employees feel stuck in their jobs, it impacts their happiness levels – and not in a good way. If you want your employees to stay engaged, you need to offer opportunities for them to learn, grow and acquire new skills.

Whether it’s a mentoring program, or training seminars doesn’t matter. They just need to feel like you’re investing in their growth and that there are opportunities to advance in the company.

Do you need more help recruiting and retaining happy, hard-working employees for your company? Call Pacific Staffing. As one of Sacramento’s top staffing agencies, we can deliver talented candidates for short- or long-term needs or help you fill a full-time role. Hire better, drive down costs and increase productivity while staying focused on business goals. Contact us today to learn more.