As executive recruiters in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows forming a hiring committee is a critical step in recruiting the right executive candidate. Members of such a committee are typically the first people a candidate will meet. Therefore, not only do they need to understand their role and how to assess the individual, but they also need to properly represent the company as both dynamic and welcoming.

If you are tasked with forming a hiring committee, where do you begin? Below are 4 strategies to keep in mind:

#1. Create a diverse committee.

The makeup of a committee will differ depending on the position you’re hiring for. However, it should include individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives. It should also include those with the necessary technical or subject matter expertise to properly assess each candidate, as well as a mix of appropriate stakeholders, such as potential peers and subordinates.

#2. Ensure confidentiality.

It’s vitally important every member of the hiring committee is on the same page in terms of confidentiality. Under no condition should any member discuss the details of the search and hiring process with non-committee members. It’s up to each member to ensure the strictest level of confidence to protect the privacy of every candidate.

#3. Work to avoid unconscious bias.

Everyone brings their own experience and cultural history to the table that can impact candidate selection. You must work to make sure any unconscious and inherent biases don’t get in the way of hiring the best candidate.

To avoid the effects of bias, be sure to develop criteria against which all candidates are consistently measured. Also, spend sufficient time evaluating each candidate and don’t focus too much on any one factor a candidate may have, such as a degree from an Ivy League school.

#4. Be consistent during interviews.

You may have two rounds of interviews or 10. Regardless, it’s important to be consistent throughout the entire process.

That means asking candidates the same or similar core questions about work history and qualifications. If you invite a candidate back for a second interview and give them a tour of your facility, all subsequent second round interviewees should get a tour as well. In addition, all members of the committee should participate at every round to ensure consistent evaluation throughout.

Hiring your organization’s next great leader is hard work. But by following the strategies above, you can make the process a little easier – and make excellent hiring decisions.

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