If you take trips with your staff, you know it offers a good opportunity to bond with your team. However, as a leading staffing firm in Northern California, Pacific Staffing knows it can also be full of pitfalls of you don’t follow proper etiquette. So how do you set the right tone and have a successful trip, without being too strict?

Here are 3 strategies to consider:

#1: Communicate and plan early.

Before the trip, make sure everyone knows who’s doing what. For instance, if you want a staff member to make travel arrangements, or set up client meetings, make sure they know that well ahead of time. The last thing you want is to get to the hotel with everyone assuming you booked the accommodations, while you expected your staff to take care of it.

Also talk about things like rental cars and dinner reservations and make sure everyone is on the same page about who’s planning what. In addition, make sure everyone knows what the spending limits are for expenses like meals and cab fare, and how to get reimbursed.

#2: Set the tone.

Your employees will look to you for guidance in terms of dress code, whether or not to work in flight and how to spend their free time. It’s up to you to lead by example.

Whatever you do, you always want to keep it professional. Keep in mind, you’re not on a trip with your family or friends. You’re with people who look to you for guidance and leadership. So always act respectfully toward others and in a professional manner toward your staff.

Some areas to be careful of include:

  • Dress: Dress professionally, even when traveling.
  • Alcohol consumption: Avoid drinking or limit your intake to one drink.
  • Communication: Don’t overshare with your employees.
  • Activities: Keep the games, social media and personal activities to a minimum.

#3: Take advantage of the time you have.

Whether you’re in flight, or waiting for your hotel shuttle, you have a captive audience – so take advantage of it. Try to get to know your employees bette, or talk to them about the importance of the trip and what you hope to gain from it. If you’re one-on-one with a single staff member, it can also be a good time to give feedback and input on their performance.

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