You interviewed for a job that seems like a great fit for you. The hiring manager said he’d let you know in a couple days about the hiring decision. It’s now four days later and you haven’t heard back. Do you call or email him? After all, you want to make sure he knows you’re still interested.

As one of the leading employment agencies in Sacramento, California, Pacific Staffing knows you shouldn’t call or email a hiring manager a few days after the interview to check in. The hiring manager knows you’re interested because you applied for the job and likely told them you were interested during the hiring process.

Keep in mind, hiring managers are busy people.

If you try to connect with them through emails and phone calls, you’re going to get their attention…but not in a positive way. Those involved in the hiring process are likely doing a lot more than just vetting candidates for the particular position you interviewed for. So it’s best to be patient and continue with your job search in the meantime.

However, if an interviewer promised a decision in two days and it’s been three weeks, then yes, you may want to follow up.

There are times when hiring managers get bogged down at work, or other fires demand their attention. They keep meaning to get back to you, but just haven’t had the chance. Sending a quick email asking for a status update is certainly appropriate in this case.

Another note: Following up after an interview is different from sending a thank you note.

You should always do the latter anywhere from a few hours after the interview to a few days. Why?

While not every hiring manager takes thank you notes into consideration, many do and it has swayed their hiring decision one way or the other. If you’re a poor fit for the job, a thank you note isn’t going to change a hiring manager’s mind. Likewise, if you’re the clear choice, not sending a thank you note probably won’t hurt your chances either. However, it’s in cases when you’re in close contention with another candidate that it can make the biggest difference.

So while it can’t hurt you (unless you send a poorly written note), sending a thank you note can only end up helping you get the offer. It therefore makes sense to take 15 minutes and send one.

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