You have a star employee who consistently delivers great results. You know they’re interested in getting ahead and earning a promotion. The trouble is, there’s currently no room for advancement at the company.

How can you keep them happy, engaged and on your staff for the long run? Here are several tips to help you:

Have an honest conversation with your employee.

As one of Sacramento’s top staffing agencies, Pacific Staffing certainly understands it might be uncomfortable and awkward for you, but it’s important for you to sit down privately with your employee and talk with them about the situation. Tell them how much you appreciate their contributions. And explain to them the reason why you can’t offer a promotion.

Listen to their concerns.

By giving your employee an understanding of the situation, you’re also providing them with an opportunity to vent their frustrations. Make sure you listen carefully, so you can take the right steps moving forward. Talk about other ways you can reward your employee for their performance and help them continue their professional development.

Demonstrate your commitment.

Remember, actions speak louder than words – and you don’t want your employee to jump ship. So it’s important that they not only know how much you value them, but that they also have the opportunity to develop in other ways.

Some areas to consider:

  • A lateral move. An employee might not be able to move up at the moment, but they can still grow and evolve by taking on a new role that can refresh and motivate them. So talk to your employee about what interests them and look for opportunities for a lateral move.
  • Skill development. Take a look at your employee’s skills and look for areas where they can improve. If you can align different development opportunities in the company with a passion of theirs or something they’re interested in, you can significantly boost their engagement and motivation.
  • Connect them with a mentor. A mentor can provide invaluable guidance, feedback and insight, as well as expose them to opportunities and ideas they might not have otherwise known about.

Don’t let a lack of opportunity stop you from investing in a great employee. Instead, help them continue to learn and grow so when a new opportunity to get promoted does come along, they’re more than ready for it.

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