As a leading executive search firm in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows when it comes to a leadership role, there’s far more to it than daily tasks and responsibilities. Factors like workplace culture, team dynamics, and flexible hours can be critically important to a candidate.

Therefore, when you’re looking to hire a new executive, it’s important to communicate the big picture about what it’s really like to work for your company, as well as the small details.

How can you do that? Focus on these key areas:

The mission.

What are your company’s values and strategic goals?

Employees – especially at the executive level – want to be able relate to a company’s mission and vision and feel as if there’s a shared purpose there. So it’s important to talk about the values and goals that impact overall strategies and decisions made at the executive level. That way, candidates have a better chance of being able to evaluate whether the position is the right fit for them.

The culture.

How would you describe your company’s workplace culture in a few words?

A candidate might have the skills and abilities to do the job. But if the culture isn’t a good match for them, they’re not going to stick around for very long. Some candidates might prefer a more formal or traditional corporate culture. While others are looking for something casual, where they have more independence. But wherever your culture fits on the spectrum, it’s important to cover it in depth during the hiring process.

The team members.

Who will your new hire be reporting to? And who will be reporting to them?

It’s important to ensure the candidate you do hire has a good shot of getting along well with the team. So talk about other leaders within the company, the overall leadership style there, and the make-up of the team they’ll be leading. That way, they’ll get a better sense of the leadership dynamics and the people they’ll be working with – and whether it’s a good match for them.

The customers.

Who does your company sell to – and what’s most important to them?

When you’re courting executive candidates, don’t forget to talk about your customers. For instance, talk about a few of your bigger clients and how you serve them, as well as the challenges and expectations of a typical customer. Doing so will give each candidate deeper insight into what kinds of people and companies they could be potentially working with.

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