As one of Sacramento’s top medical staffing firms, Pacific MedStaff knows that when you run a healthcare facility, or medical office, you certainly encounter a variety of staffing challenges. And when you do, it does more than hurt your bottom line – it can impact patient care. What’s the solution?

One way to overcome your healthcare staffing issues is to partner with a medical staffing firm – one that can help ensure your facility or office is optimally staffed, around the clock, at all times. Here’s just 3 ways a partnership can benefit you:

1. Prevents employee burnout.

The healthcare industry is notorious when it comes to employee burnout. Not only do caregivers have to work overtime many weeks, but the nature of their work can lead to emotional fatigue as well. But when you work with a medical staffing firm, they can provide you with the skilled professionals you need – whether on a temporary, full-time, or part-time basis – where and when you need them. You can therefore stay fully staffed, avoid worker burnout, and reduce turnover.

2. Covers vacations and absences.

When you run a medical facility, a sick employee can mean more than a lack of productivity. It can impact the level of care the rest of your team can provide to patients. But when you work with a medical staffing firm, you can gain fast access to skilled and reliable medical professionals on a temporary basis. They can cover for your sick employees, or those out an leave, as well as help when scheduling demands are more than your core staff can handle.

3. Helps your facility grow.

Are you opening a new practice in the next town over? Or is your department expanding – but you’re not sure exactly how many new employees you need? A medical staffing firm can provide you with the caregivers you need so you can maintain a full staff until you have a better sense of the number of new employees you need to hire. You might even find that a temporary worker is the perfect fit for you – and decide to hire them on a full-time basis.

Not sure whether a medical staffing firm is right for you? Give us a call and tell us about your needs and goals. As one of Sacramento’s top medical staffing firms, we can help you keep your organization fully staffed with trusted professionals dedicated to patient care, while also maximizing your facility’s profitability. Call us today to learn more.