As leading executive recruiters in Sacramento, Pacific ExecSearch knows your interview performance can make or break you in the job search process. Even if you have the best resume and the most experience, it’s still possible to squander the opportunity with a weak interview performance. What mistakes do interviewers see most? Here’s a look at five:

#1: Talking too much about strategy, not execution.

At the end of the day, employers want leaders who can execute and deliver results. And while strategy is an important part of getting there, don’t spend your interview time regurgitating textbook tactics. Instead, focus most of your responses on specific examples of how you made a difference on the bottom line in your past positions and the results you were able to deliver.

#2: Treating support staff with disrespect.

Whether you know it or not, hiring executives often ask administrative assistants and other support staff who met with you about their impression of you. If you are rude, arrogant, demanding and just plain disrespectful, it can absolutely hurt your chance of getting the job. As an executive, it’s your responsibility to manage people for results. If you can’t be courteous and professional to the receptionist or HR representative screening you, then that behavior is a good indicator of how you’d treat your team if hired.

#3: Being critical of the company you’re interviewing with.

If you’ve researched the position and the company, you may certainly have your own ideas and opinions about goals and strategies. However, if asked about a decision you would have made differently, or a problem that needs solving, don’t come across as critical of the company in your interview. You might mean well and have good intentions. But you’re going to sound rude and insulting.

Likewise, don’t talk negatively about the company where you currently work. Finger-pointing and bashing will simply make you look immature and unprofessional.

#4: Bragging about accomplishments.

You might be a top-notch executive with an impressive track record. But it’s important to not come across as boastful during the interview. Companies don’t want to hire self-centered egomaniacs. So balance your confidence with some humility and talk about how you worked together with your staff members as a team to achieve important goals.

#5: Not asking good questions.

At the end of the day, the interview is your opportunity to evaluate the employer to determine whether it’s a position you want to pursue. Interviewers expect you to ask questions in order to do that. However, if you ask whether the company has a baseball league and whether you’ll be required to perform tasks outside your job description, you’re not making a good impression. Or worse, if you don’t ask any questions at all you’re making it clear you’re not that interested in the position.

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