You’ve found the perfect candidate. You’d like to extend an offer. The only stumbling block involves location. They’d have to move to accept the offer. How do you handle issues related to relocation during the negotiation process?

As leading headhunters in Northern California, Pacific ExecSearch can tell you that your first step in the process should be to confirm that a candidate is willing to move. If they live in New York and your company is in Sacramento – and you need them to be in Sacramento if hired – then you need to ask the relocation question at the beginning of the process during the first interview or phone call. With today’s technology, the candidate might think they can telecommute or live bicoastally. It’s up to you to communicate your needs to them right from the start.

Here are 5 other tips to consider:

Tip #1: Make relocation as easy as possible.

Relocating is a big deal and not every candidate is willing to consider it. At this point, if the candidate has been through several rounds of interviews, then they should know that relocation is on the table. It’s up to you to sell the opportunity in a way that makes relocating as easy as possible. Talk about the flexible onboarding timeline, the real estate resources and benefits you can provide, and other relocation services you’d be willing to offer.

Tip #2: Promote the opportunities.

For instance, if a candidate is an avid outdoors person and lives in Chicago, talk about all the sports and activities they can participate in year-round in California. Also, be sure to discuss the career opportunities, such as advancement, raises and bonuses, the candidate will have access to if they accept the offer.

But don’t just focus on the short-term. Executive candidates are often looking ahead, so be sure to cover long-term prospects and opportunities with the company, as well.

Tip #3: Talk about family matters.

If your candidate has a family, then that will no doubt weigh heavily in their decision. So speak to them about the cost of living, schools and educational opportunities, neighborhoods and crime rates. If possible, invite the family in for a tour of the company and nearby neighborhoods and attractions.

Tip #4: Give them in-depth answers.

Relocation is a major decision for any candidate. So take the time to answer every question the candidate has, whether it’s about the job, the relocation benefits, or about living in the area. If you don’t have the answer, don’t try to fake it. Let them know you’ll get back to them with an answer.

Tip #5: Be patient.

Don’t expect an answer on the spot or the next day. If a candidate seems unsure, ask about what’s holding them back and try to provide them with the information they need to make a good decision. Then give your candidate a few business days to make up their mind.

If you’d rather outsource the hiring process to expert recruiters, call Pacific ExecSearch. As leading headhunters in Northern California, our team has extensive experience in sourcing, evaluating and helping companies hire mission critical professionals from all over the country for top leadership positions.To learn more about how we can help your organization, please contact us today.