You thought you were on track with your performance. But you just walked out of your employee evaluation – and it didn’t go well. You’re feeling angry and unappreciated. What do you do?

First, take stock. As one of the leading employment agencies in Sacramento, California, Pacific Staffing knows it’s important to look at the situation as a learning experience. Just because you received a negative review or some critical remarks doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world – or your career…though it can certainly seem like it.

Instead, take the input your boss gave you to heart and turn it into actionable results. Here’s how:

Stay calm and listen.

When you’re being criticized, it’s only natural to get defensive. But when you do, then you start acting on emotions rather than the facts. So after your review, take a step back and try to analyze the situation as objectively as possible. Did your boss have some valid points? Are there areas where you’re struggling? What do you need to do to turn this situation around?

Get back together with your boss.

Negative feedback can be especially bad if you didn’t see it coming. You might have felt blindsided during your meeting, so didn’t ask any questions. Once you’ve had time to process the information, schedule a private meeting with your boss. Be calm, ask questions, and listen. Make sure you fully understand the situation and what you need to do to improve going forward.

Make sure your boss has all the facts.

If your boss was upset because your report was late – but Bob in accounting was out sick for a week and couldn’t get you all the numbers you needed – make sure your boss knows this. Don’t try to point fingers or throw someone else under the boss. Just make sure your boss understands the full picture. So if there were external factors impacting your ability to do your job, explain them to your boss.

Talk next steps.

If your boss didn’t set specific goals or talk about next steps, then bring it up. You need to be crystal clear about your boss’s expectations going forward. So talk about the specific areas that need improvement, short- and long-term goals, and the timeline for achieving them. Also discuss about how you plan to keep your boss in the loop about progress.

Don’t dwell.

It’s easy to dwell on negative remarks. But once you’ve processed them and have a plan in place, move on. Perhaps there are a few areas that need improvement and you’re feeling motivated to succeed. Do it. Or maybe you’ve realized the job just isn’t right for you anymore. Then polish off your resume and gear up for your job search. Whatever you do, don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself.

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