So you’ve made a few hiring mistakes in the recent past. Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a big hiring initiative in the coming year. Whatever the case for you, before you make move, review these easy hiring tips so you can bring the best and brightest on board at your company:

#1: Write custom job descriptions from scratch.

Say good-bye to boilerplate job descriptions or ones you’ve been using for the past five years. Next time you need to hire for a position, start by writing a job description from scratch. As one of Woodland’s top staffing firms, Pacific Staffing knows not only will this help you think through and define your specific needs and wants for the role, but it will also help you write a more persuasive job ad, so you can attract better talent.

Certainly consider skills and experience when you’re writing your job description. But go a step further and think about the type of person you want. What’s their personality like? What unique traits would they bring the table? What important goals would you need them to accomplish? And what would they need to do to be successful in the job – and at your company?

#2: Don’t put too much stock in a resume.

Too many times, hiring managers focus on a perfect resume only to be sorely disappointed when they hire a weak candidate based on it. But don’t put too much stock in a resume. Yes, resumes are important. But so too are many other factors. So look at it as one single piece of evidence that a particular candidate might or might not be a good fit for you. But don’t base a hiring decision on it.

#3: Prepare for interviews.

Don’t walk into an interview without ample preparation ahead of time. Beforehand, you should be reviewing the candidate’s resume and checking out their LinkedIn profile, as well as crafting careful interview questions. Have in mind too how you’d like to structure the interview and be on the lookout for any warning signs from candidates.

#4: Check references to better predict on-the-job performance.

A candidate can tell you about their skills and accomplishments on their resume or in an interview. But until you are able to verify their background and credentials with at least three past managers, don’t make any hiring decisions. This one simple step can help you avoid a costly hiring mistake.

Know you need to hire, but don’t have the time or resources? Leave it to Pacific Staffing. As one of Woodland’s top staffing firms, we can help you recruit, hire and retain today’s top talent for a variety of positions. Contact us today to learn more.