You’re busy running a hospital, clinic or medical office. As a result, recruiting and hiring can sometimes fall by the wayside – until you have an immediate need. But in order to build the strongest teams, recruiting and hiring needs to be front and center throughout the year.

That’s where a medical recruiting firm comes in.

They can handle sourcing, screening and attracting top-notch candidates, all while you focus on other priorities. That said, how can you really be sure you need the help of a recruiting partner? Here’s a look at 4 signs:

You’re experiencing high turnover.

If your facility has had a lot of turnover recently, then it may be a sign that your recruiting and hiring processes need some work. For instance, when you’re not hiring the right candidates to begin with, it can have a serious impact on retention. Or, when new hires aren’t trained and onboarded properly, it can impact their level of engagement once on the job. Whatever the case, a medical recruiting agency can work with you to identify and rectify the issue.

Your existing staff is stretched too thin.

Retaining employees is critical for any industry; but it can have more serious implications for those employers in healthcare. That’s why, if your employees are stretched thin and you don’t have the time or resources to focus on hiring, you should consider the help of a medical recruiting firm. They can talk with you about your hiring needs and goals, and then hit the ground running in search of the ideal candidates for you.

Your top candidates consistently reject your job offers.

You go through the hiring process and identify someone you’d love to hire. But then they reject your offer for a competitor’s. This is bound to happen to every employer at some point. But if it’s happening to you regularly, there’s a problem. It could be your hiring process is taking too long, or that you’re not offering market rate for the position. A recruiting agency can help you identify and deal with the reason.

Your hiring process is inconsistent.

Are you regularly hiring in a hurry, skipping steps, like reference checks, to fill jobs? This can lead to inconsistencies and hiring mistakes. But when you have a professional recruiting team in place, they can source, recruit, and screen, while you focus on other important tasks. They can also ensure every candidate undergoes a consistent and thorough hiring process, all so you can choose from the top candidates.

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