Up until now, you’ve always done all your hiring in-house, even with executive positions. But whether you don’t have the right resources in place, or you need to hire for a mission critical position, you’re thinking about partnering with an executive placement firm in Sacramento. Here are a few areas in which they can help your organization:

You need a position filled quickly.

Hiring under pressure isn’t the ideal situation, but sometimes it happens. If you’re in this position, then an executive placement firm can certainly help out. Not only will they be fully focused on finding candidates for your search – while you and your in-house HR team focus on other priorities – but most firms typically operate on a contingent basis. That means they don’t get paid until you find the right hire.

You’re keeping the search under wraps.

Perhaps you’re replacing an existing executive within the company and don’t want to spread the word. In these kinds of sensitive situations, an executive placement firm can be a real asset. They can give you access to a strong candidate pool, while also keeping the hiring process completely confidential. They can also take charge of coordinating interviews, dates, times and locations, as well as any background and reference checks that need to happen – keeping only those who need to know informed.

You need someone with a specialized skill set.

You have a role that’s hard-to-fill and requires someone with a unique skill set or expertise. The good news is that recruiters at placement firms are constantly reaching out and making connections with high quality candidates with wide-ranging skills, including specialized ones. As a result, they can work with you to develop a target candidate profile, as well as tap a robust network of both active and passive candidates in order to source the best fit ones for you.

You don’t have the right internal resources.

If you don’t have the time, or people you need in place to hire, then an executive placement firm is the simple answer. They can dedicate all the resources necessary to your search, all while you focus on other priorities. Even better, many offer satisfaction guarantees. For instance, if the candidate doesn’t work and leaves after a short time, typically up to six months, then they will replace them at no charge.

If you’re ready for outside help with your executive search process, turn to the experts at Pacific ExecSearch. As a leading executive placement firm in Sacramento, we leverage decades of experience and proven recruiting strategies to uncover leaders with skill, experience and a vision for success. Contact us today to learn more.