When it comes to hiring, there are a lot of unknowns. But, as one of Woodland’s top staffing services firms, Pacific Staffing knows one thing is for certain: You have a lot at stake and need to hire exceptional professionals. How can you find them? Start by following these tips to get the most from your hiring function:

1. Look to other top performers.

When you’re looking to hire another top performer, other successful employees within your company are an ideal place to start. Evaluate their skills, personalities, communication styles, and backgrounds to look for commonalities. Another tip to keep in mind is asking your existing team for referrals when you’re ready to hire. Despite all the time and energy you spend on recruiting, referrals are still the best source for top quality candidates.

2. Always be recruiting.

Don’t simply recruit when you have a job opening. Whether through social media or attending industry conferences, you should always be developing relationships with top quality candidates. That way, when you do have to hire, you have a queue of possibilities you can call on.

3. Help candidates self-select out.

Once you advertise a job opening, you’re inundated with resumes – many times, from completely unqualified candidates. To avoid this happening, make your job description is as clear as possible so it’s easy for candidates to self-select out. For instance, if the position requires 50% travel, then make that clear in the job description. Candidates who can’t fulfill that need will be less likely to apply.

4. Give candidates insight into the job.

Rather than just listing out all the requirements in your job description, explain what a day would be like in the position. It’s hard, for instance, to know when a job requires “strong communication skills” what that actually entails. So explain that the person hired would be required to give presentations on a regular basis, author company reports, and develop and build relationships across departments.

5. Add homework to your hiring checklist.

Once you have a few top candidates to select from, assign them with a project that will enable you to evaluate and compare their work quality and enthusiasm. When you do this, you’ll have a much better sense of what someone will be like once on the job.

Do you need more help hiring for your team?

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