Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 4th Quarter of 2017

The workplace is always changing. Employers depend on the mutually beneficial relationship based on pay for productivity. Worker productivity comes from a work ethic that Pacific Staffing has discovered may be changing in American workplaces.

Since 1992, the Employment Trends has asked Sacramento regional employers questions about workers and workplaces, hiring, market skills, employer demand, industry sector activity and direction of the local economy. In recent surveys employers have noted a changing set of values among applicants, particularly younger ones. When asked, “Is managing people on the job getting harder?’ the overwhelming answer was Yes! In direct phone contacts fifty-two percent (52%) were positive managing workers has gotten harder.

When asked if Government/Laws were making it more difficult, nine percent (9%) specifically noted CA regulations as troublesome, while sixty percent (60%) agreed new laws are creating more work for human resources at companies across the spectrum.

In between August 23-September 20, regional employers also were asked if people and their expectations of work were making it difficult to manage. This question generated the largest single positive response as seventy-seven percent (77%) said Yes, noting people were ‘unrealistic’, ‘underqualified’, and younger workers less driven to work. This change in ‘work ethic’ as ‘generational’ attitude with an ‘entitlement’ outlook causing attendance, productivity and retention issues. As one Retail contact noted, younger people are bringing a different set of values from earlier generations when they apply for work, saying “young workers are a whole different cat.” This trend may echo a recent study that found teenagers were not reaching adult ‘milestones’ like dating, drinking or driving as earlier generations had. This trend and the study published by journal Child Development suggests employers and younger workers may need to adapt to a changing workforce reality and a less focused work ethic.

Workforce Challenge?

Seventy percent (70%) of employers in the Sacramento region are hiring in Q4. Challenges include finding people for entry-level/general labor as twenty percent (20%) of employers say they can’t fill basic jobs. Qualified applicants, including a wide variety of Finance/Accounting positions, IT, Engineering and Customer service are in high demand. Line cooks, workers for sales, warehouse, manufacturing, and shipping are also sought in October, November, and December.

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled by Industry:  

  • 46% Service
  • 26% Manufacturers
  • 16% Construction
  • 12% Retail

Next Quarterly Projections: January 1, 2018

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