Sex Talk at Work?

Sacramento employers demonstrate concern in preventing potential sexual harassment on the job. News of workplace sexual harassment, assault and worse occupy conversation across society as part of the #MeToo movement and employers are on guard against workplace problems. Pacific Staffing asked top regional employers about sexual harassment and how often they provide employee training in direct phone contacts between May 29 and June 22, 2018.

Anecdotally, top companies said, ‘zero tolerance’ policy, reinforced ‘at need’ training and access to online resources were employed to help workers understand how serious this issue is taken in the Sacramento workplace.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of Sacramento employers polled say they offer sexual harassment training annually, with most also outlining workplace rules on hire for all employees. The required CA standard for supervisory personnel is every two years, and nineteen percent (19%) of companies say they follow that standard in training their workforces. While some contacted would not or could not discuss the question, another four percent (4%) report a higher standard of training twice to four times a year for workers on sexual harassment and appropriate conduct at work.

Workforce Challenge?

Third Quarter hiring rose by one percent since last Quarter with sixty-six percent (66%) of Sacramento regional employers surveyed reporting planned hiring in July, August and September. One notable change has sixty-percent (60%) of companies reporting they will hire for attrition, or replacements, in their existing workforce. Many say retention of skilled workers is an issue. Fifty percent (50%) are motivated by growth in Q3 with ten percent (10%) also citing seasonal demands for some hiring.

Forty-one percent (41%) of Sacramento employers say the greatest challenge in the present market is applicants for open positions, especially skilled trades, equipment operators and ten percent (10%) report demand for a wide variety of Information Technology/Digital IT jobs. A continuing issue across industry sectors is route and delivery drivers able to pass license and drug screen requirements.

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled by Industry:

  • 46% Service
  • 20% Manufacturers
  • 23% Construction
  • 11% are Retail

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