“Finders Keepers”

Employers have been actively recruiting workers in a ‘finder’s focus’ as economic growth created opportunity over the last decade. Alack of skilled applicants in all sectors and a shortage of basic labor has moved companies to a new ‘keeper’ environment as they seek to retain those in their workforces.

Historically low unemployment is moving Sacramento companies from recruiting to retention. When asked, ‘in 2019 where is retention on your list of priorities?’ the majority report it has topped the list. FFifty-threepercent (53%) of those surveyed in direct contacts between February 25th to March 22nd cite it as their #1 priority in Q2 2019.

As one Construction sector contact said in anecdotal comment, “#1 no matter the unemployment rate” keeping skilled, experienced employees is always important. Another Manufacturer says, “more than important, imperative in an era of low unemployment”. When asked about retention, other contacts cited changes in the employee base as one issue in keeping employees on the job, “Understanding multigenerational desires” and another citing more opportunity, “it’s easier to leave and land on your feet” and, as one employer cited, “increased focus on generations to improve retention, especially millennials”. The idea of company ‘loyalty’ is often noted as an issue with one Service company polled reporting, “more problems with transient employees” and another saying retention of experience is vital in, “maintaining client relationships, you must be proactive with employees’ to keep them.”

While greater business opportunity exists, as this Service contact noted. “we’re ready to grow, just trying to find talent.” Pacific Staffing discovered that fifty-seven percent (57%) of Sacramento employers are seeking to hire in the next three months. While forty-eight percent (48%) are motivated by replacements or attrition in the existing workforce forty-one percent (41%) are still hiring for expansion or growth of the business in April, May and June. Twenty ppercent (20%) of hiring is prompted by seasonal needs. Most seasonal demand was from Construction sector companies as they all were seeking general labor, skilled construction trades, equipment operators and drivers.

Workforce Challenge?

Other skills in demand in Q2 among all companies surveyed include customer service, sales, route/delivery drivers, product assembly, manufacturing and IT.

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled by Industry:

  • 54% Service
  • 25% Manufacturers
  • 19% Construction
  • 2% Retail

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