Are These 6 Networking Mistakes Sabotaging Your Executive Job Search?

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When you’re searching for a new opportunity, you know networking is an important part of the equation. But in order to leverage its power, you have to take the right approach. If you don’t, you could actually be sabotaging your efforts to find your next leadership position. What are some common networking mistakes candidates make… Read more »

Conducting a Reference Check? Here’s What to Listen For

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Finding the right executive for your company is no easy task. So when a promising candidate comes along, it can certainly be exciting. However, don’t let your enthusiasm for a particular contender cloud your judgment when it comes time for the reference check  – or worse yet, lead you to skip the reference checking process… Read more »

Hiring Your Next Company Leader? Ask These 6 Interview Questions

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As leading headhunters in Northern California, Pacific ExecSearch knows that hiring the right leaders for your company can certainly be a challenge in today’s business climate. Not only is competition fierce for top executives, but there’s a lot at stake when you’re bringing a new leader into your business. Whether you’re hiring a department manager, or… Read more »

How to Clean Up Your Nursing Resume

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Do you regularly update your resume? If not, then the New Year is the perfect time to take a look at this all-important document and spruce it up. Here are 5 tips to help you in the process: Tip #1: Create a summary of qualifications. As one of the leading medical employment agencies in Sacramento, Pacific MedStaff knows… Read more »

Secrets to Successful Executive Onboarding

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According to statistics, approximately half of newly hired executives quit or are fired within the first three years on the job. And unfortunately, as leading executive placement consultants in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows the costs associated with losing key talent goes well beyond the financials. It can also have an affect on employee confidence, loyalty, and morale…. Read more »

Hiring Healthcare Admin Professionals? Here are 7 Traits to Look For

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When you’re looking to hire healthcare admin professionals, you clearly need someone with the right knowledge and experience. However, as one of Sacramento’s top medical staffing agencies, Pacific Staffing knows you must go beyond the hard skills and spend some time focusing on soft skills, as well – all so you find the best candidate for your team. What… Read more »

Why Companies Make Poor Executive Hiring Decisions

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The executive recruiting process is typically stringent. So how is it possible that many companies make poor executive hiring decisions? For reasons including the following: A need to fill the job quickly A lack of talent intelligence Poor sourcing techniques A lack of recruiters to help in the process Not checking references A weak employment brand… Read more »

Do Your Leadership Skills Need Work?

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As one of Sacramento’s most experienced staffing agencies, Pacific Staffing knows that your team’s performance hinges on your success as a leader. And if the results haven’t been up to par lately, it could be an indication your leadership skills need some work. How can you tell for sure? Here are a few signs to… Read more »