A Look Inside the Executive Search Process

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You need to hire a new executive and are considering bringing an experienced executive search firm on board. What can you expect from the process? Here’s a look: An initial meeting. A recruiter from the executive search firm will meet with you to learn more about your company and its culture, as well as get an overview… Read more »

Advice for Executive Career Changers

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Dreaming of making a career change or switching to a different industry? As top Sacramento executive recruiters, Pacific ExecSearch can tell you if you want to be successful in your executive career, it’s important to pursue your passions and explore new opportunities. But doing so also comes with some challenges. Creating a new path for yourself requires… Read more »

Welcoming a New Executive Hire? Here’s What to Do

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Forty-50% of newly hired executives quit within 18 months. Why? According to experts, a new executive’s satisfaction and performance is heavily influenced by their first few weeks on the job. As you know, the financial costs of losing an executive can be expensive; but the impact on morale and productivity can be devastating. How can… Read more »

Advice on Managing Managers

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You may think your company’s managers are smart and driven. But are they truly performing at peak potential? As a leading executive search firm in Rancho Cordova, CA, Pacific ExecSearch can tell you that you won’t know unless you properly manage them. And despite what you might think, doing so isn’t that different from managing a regular… Read more »

How to Announce a Senior Manager’s Demotion

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As leading headhunters in Northern California, Pacific ExecSearch knows that demoting a manager is difficult. Communicating that demotion to the rest of your staff can seem downright impossible. After all, the entire situation is awkward; in addition, you don’t want to bruise the individual’s ego any further. Yet, the rest of the team needs to know… Read more »

Evaluating Resumes From Executives

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If you don’t have effective leaders in place, your company won’t prosper. And when it comes time to hire one, the resume can often be your first glimpse into an individual’s background and skill level. What factors should you look for when evaluating them? Stability. High employee turnover is costly for every company, but it’s even… Read more »

Finding the Right Executive Recruiter in Sacramento

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As leading executive recruiters in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows the search for great executive talent requires a lot more than a posting on a job board. To source, screen and hire the best mid- and senior-level employees, consider partnering with an executive recruiter. Top recruiters are passionate, focused, ask insightful questions, listen, and spend the time necessary… Read more »

Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Executives

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Candidates think all the pressure is on them. But, as executive recruiters in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows that for employers, hiring a new senior executive always comes with its own set of risks and considerations — as well as the potential for mistakes. If your company is gearing up to hire for a C-level position, here are… Read more »

Myths About Hiring Executives Away from Your Competition

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Most companies spend ample time and resources trying to attract customers from the competition and increase their own market share. It’s only natural that they’d also want to hire away top talent. But if this is your recruiting strategy, does it truly offer the greatest return on investment? As experienced executive recruiters in Northern California,… Read more »

4 Job Search Strategies for Unemployed Executives

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As a Sacramento executive placement firm, Pacific Staffing knows executives face unique challenges when it comes to searching for new opportunities while unemployed. From non-compete clauses to a slower hiring process (due to the fact hiring someone for a leadership role is far more costly), it’s not unheard of for an executive job search to take… Read more »