5 Tips for Mentoring Your Company’s Next Generation of Leaders

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As a manager, part of your job is to mentor your company’s next generation of leaders. It’s a task that’s certainly easier said than done. However, considering the fact that it’s often far less expensive – and more beneficial – to develop leaders from within, it’s an investment worth making. To help you elevate your… Read more »

Why You Need to Check the Credentials of Senior-Level Candidates

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What do David Geffen, founder of DreamWorks Studios, Scott Thompson, Yahoo’s former CEO, Sandra Baldwin, the first woman to become president and chairman of the United States Olympic Committee, and David Tovar, former Vice President of communications at Walmart, have in common? They’ve all held high ranking positions with prestigious organizations. And they’ve all lied on… Read more »

Advice for Promoting Internal Candidates to Senior-Level Positions

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A key company leader is stepping down. It is your responsibility to fill the role. A direct report of theirs expresses interest in the position. Do you hire from within? Or do you open up the process for external candidates? As executive search experts in the Sacramento, CA area, Pacific ExecSearch knows promoting from within may seem to… Read more »