Conducting a Reference Check? Here’s What to Listen For

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Finding the right executive for your company is no easy task. So when a promising candidate comes along, it can certainly be exciting. However, don’t let your enthusiasm for a particular contender cloud your judgment when it comes time for the reference check  – or worse yet, lead you to skip the reference checking process… Read more »

How to Improve the Hiring Experience for C-Level Candidates

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As leading executive placement consultants in Sacramento, CA, Pacific ExecSearch knows executive-level candidates have a certain set of expectations in terms of how they will be treated during the hiring process. If your company regularly doesn’t meet those expectations, it can harm your brand as an employer – making it harder to recruit top talent for future positions…. Read more »

The Second Interview: What to Expect

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A second interview indicates you’re a strong contender for the job. While you still have a ways to go through the interview process, it’s a promising step. What can you expect during it? And, more importantly, how do you prepare? Pacific Staffing, a leading Sacramento executive placement firm, offers this advice. Get Ready for the Panel… Read more »