What to Do When a Salary Offer is Too Low

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Imagine this scenario: You’re searching for jobs in Sacramento. You find a great opportunity and are called in for an interview, then a second interview. The position sounds ideal…until you hear the proposed salary. It’s below what you expected and what you’re willing to take. What do you do? First, keep in mind that most… Read more »

How Success Can Hurt Your Career…If You Let It

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You’ve set goals. Worked hard. And are finally reaping what you’ve sown. Time to sit back and enjoy the ride, right? Wrong. In fact, as one of the leading employment firms in Sacramento, Pacific Staffing knows that if you’re not careful, your success could actually wind up hurting you and your career. Here’s why: Reason… Read more »

Sacramento Quarterly Employment Trends – October 2011

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‘Pogo’ Markets Flatten Local Hiring While Sacramento’s top employers are hiring, they continue to show extreme caution as events outside the area raise concerns about the economy. Like the up and down bouncing of the children’s toy, extreme fluctuations on Wall Street and in the greater world economy are impacting hiring trends revealed by Pacific… Read more »

Pacific Staffing Website Has a Whole New Look!

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At Pacific Staffing, we’ve been in the staffing business here in Sacramento since 1987. As a result, we have a lot of valuable information and guidance to offer clients and candidates – which is why we’ve launched a new website. Here’s a quick overview of some of the features you can take advantage of on… Read more »