How Healthcare Employers Can Create a Great Candidate Experience

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It’s no secret that finding and hiring great candidates for healthcare-related jobs is a challenge. But – as of one of Sacramento’s top medical staffing agencies – Pacific MedStaff knows that whether you’re looking to hire an LPN, RN or medical coder, one of the best ways you can improve your chances of attracting top talent is through a… Read more »

Looking to Hire Medical Office Staff? Be Sure You Ask These 15 Interview Questions

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First impressions count. And the first impression your patients have of your medical office or practice will likely be dictated by medical support staff – including office managers, receptionists, and medical assistants and billers. So how can you ensure you have the best people on the job? As of one of Sacramento’s top medical staffing agencies,… Read more »

Hiring Healthcare Admin Professionals? Here are 7 Traits to Look For

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When you’re looking to hire healthcare admin professionals, you clearly need someone with the right knowledge and experience. However, as one of Sacramento’s top medical staffing agencies, Pacific Staffing knows you must go beyond the hard skills and spend some time focusing on soft skills, as well – all so you find the best candidate for your team. What… Read more »

Onboarding New Medical Staff

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You’ve made the offer. Your top pick candidate has accepted. Now the hard work is done, right? Wrong. As a leading Sacramento medical staffing agency, Pacific MedStaff knows there’s still plenty to do to ensure your new hire gets off to the best start possible. When you take the same care in effectively onboarding a new hire… Read more »

8 Employee Handbook Mistakes Your Healthcare Organization Could Be Making

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Most employers view employee handbooks as an afterthought. Something that needs to be created or updated, but that repeatedly ends up on the back burner as other, more important tasks come along. However, as one of the top medical staffing agencies in Sacramento, Pacific Staffing knows an employee handbook is critically important for every healthcare… Read more »