4 Tips for Overcoming Your Nursing Talent Shortage

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Having trouble finding nurses for your growing practice or facility? As a leading Sacramento medical staffing agency, Pacific MedStaff can tell you that you’re certainly not alone. Hiring in healthcare, particularly nursing, is a big challenge today for organizations from small practices to large hospitals. It’s a perfect storm, really, where aging baby boomers are in need of… Read more »

Tips for Boosting Patient Acquisition From a Sacramento Medical Staffing Agency

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As a leading Sacramento medical staffing agency, Pacific MedStaff understands that acquiring new patients is an ongoing – and oftentimes challenging – effort. Whether your medical practice is just starting out, or you’ve got years of experience under your belt, a robust patient base is your key to success. To help you boost patient acquisition and grow your practice,… Read more »

How to Pick a Medical Staffing Partner

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Building a medical career takes a lot of dedication. Schooling, training, certifications, continuing education – it’s a commitment you expect to pay off. And when you are searching for your next professional role, you can’t afford to take chances. That’s what makes choosing the right medical staffing partner so important. What should you look for?… Read more »

6 Tips for Handling Hospital Layoffs

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As a Sacramento-based medical staffing agency, we know that hospital layoffs are painful – no matter how you look at them. Not only are the staff members who are laid off upset, but remaining personnel are left feeling uncertain about the future. And while layoffs may be necessary, they can have a serious impact on… Read more »