Job demand & hiring trends for local companies in the 3rd Quarter of 2012

Special Report: Facebook and Web Privacy “No, and Hell No!”

The human resource managers at Sacramento’s top companies have definite opinions about giving up their personal online privacy to an employer. When contacts at Sacramento regional companies were asked, “Would you give an employer the password and complete access to your Facebook account?” seventy-eight percent (78%) said No. Some were emphatic responding, “absolutely not” and one definitive saying, “no, and hell no!” Anecdotal comments focused on the issue of individual privacy outside of the workplace with some noting that Facebook was a social medium not specifically tied to work related activity.

While four percent (4%) didn’t have a Facebook account or declined to answer, eighteen percent (18%) didn’t have a problem with allowing an employer complete access to their online lives.

More than one HR manager said they specifically didn’t have a personal Facebook account, as it was in their opinions, “inappropriate” to have employees ‘friending’ the people who decide on their employment and compensation through web-based social media like Facebook. Some did qualify employer access by noting that work-related postings or negative comments would likely force an employer to review or respond.

Sacramento’s top employers are hiring at twice the rate of those not hiring in the 3rd Quarter. Pacific Staffing discovered that sixty-six percent (66%) of those surveyed are hiring in July, August and September.

Hiring is active in all regional employment sectors and twenty-two percent (22%) of worker demand was motivated by seasonal needs. Active hiring in Q3 among Sacramento companies polled between May 23 and June 15th is reflected in forty-two percent (42%) attributing growth as their motivation to hire. Forty percent (40%) say they are seeking replacements due to attrition in their existing workforce in the next three months.

Skills Demand?

While employers say they are getting large numbers of applicants, some are finding it difficult to find specific backgrounds or skills from their industry. Strong demand is noted for sales, customer service and technical skills, including industry specific computer software and hardware backgrounds, in the next quarter. Employers are also seeking warehouse, manufacturing and general office experience.

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:  

  • 41% are Service
  • 31% are Manufacturers
  • 16% are Construction
  • 12% are Retail

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