Recovering from a Poor Performance Review

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You thought you were on track with your performance. But you just walked out of your employee evaluation – and it didn’t go well. You’re feeling angry and unappreciated. What do you do? First, take stock. As one of the leading employment agencies in Sacramento, California, Pacific Staffing knows it’s important to look at the situation as… Read more »

How Voluntary Benefits Can Help You Recruit Better Talent

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As one of Woodland’s top staffing firms, Pacific Staffing knows companies are constantly looking for newer and better ways to attract top talent. So how do you differentiate yourself when hiring? One way is through offering voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits are simply any type of work benefit outside of health insurance added to an employer’s… Read more »

What to Do When You Can’t Promote a Great Employee

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You have a star employee who consistently delivers great results. You know they’re interested in getting ahead and earning a promotion. The trouble is, there’s currently no room for advancement at the company. How can you keep them happy, engaged and on your staff for the long run? Here are several tips to help you: Have… Read more »

Sacramento Employment Trends – Q3 2016

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Flip Side of the Coin: Recovery Woes Now a shortage of entry level, qualified applicants, out of market recruiting and retention of current workforce are among the flip side issues of the recovered Sacramento employment market. Conducted since 1992, The Quarterly Employment Trends revealed in Q3 2007 that eleven percent (11%) of Sacramento employers polled… Read more »

4 Strategies for Interviewing an Internal Candidate

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Your next great hire might be right in front of you. But as staffing experts in Northern California, Pacific Staffing knows that just because a candidate is an existing employee doesn’t mean you can avoid vetting them thoroughly. So when it comes to interviewing internal candidates, how can you properly screen and assess them? Here are 4 strategies to follow:… Read more »