Hiring is What’s Up In Q2: Employers Accelerate Demand

If 2008 was slamming on the ‘economic’ brakes in Sacramento, 2009 was screeching to a halt. 2010 a virtual dead stop for hiring while 2011 offered a chance to restart the ‘market engines’. As the national recovery gains speed 2012 has finally put the local job market back into gear. Pacific Staffing has discovered that Sacramento’s top employers are putting ‘pedal to the metal’ as they hit the ‘gas’ in hiring in Q2 2013.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of top regional employers polled are hiring, with fifty percent (50%) attributing the employee demand to growth of their workforce. Another fifty percent (50%) will hire for replacements as their motivation for seeking workers in April, May and June. It was this time last year that hiring for growth surpassed hiring demand for the first time since 2008.

This growing market opportunity is also causing Sacramento employers to suggest retention of workers is becoming a concern in the next quarter. While keeping workers was a worry, a greater number of employers cited compliance with new State and Federal law, and management of new healthcare rules as their major challenges.

Seasonal demand was also cited by sixteen percent (16%) of companies in the next three months.  More hiring has become seasonal in nature as reduction and reorganizations caused by the recession created awareness among Sacramento employers of actual needs. Twenty-five percent (25%) of regional employers polled directly by phone between February 24 and March 13 say they are not hiring.

Skills Demand?

Employers report demand is so strong for software and IT system programmers they are recruiting out of the Sacramento market. High employer demand was also noted in the Second Quarter for customer service/sales, general office/clerical, manufacturing/warehouse and accounting/finance skills. Another niche demand hard to fill according to top employers is drivers, both local and over the road while Construction companies seek general office/clerical workers.

Special Report: The Longer View in 2013

When asked if employers changed their hiring plans for 2013 because of new tax laws ninety-four percent (94%) said No, while those remaining didn’t know or couldn’t answer. When asked the follow-up question, ‘Will you hire, more, less or take a wait & see attitude in 2013?’ thirty-five percent (35%) say they will hire more with another forty-nine percent (49%) choosing wait & see.  Only ten percent (10%) of employers say they will hire fewer in 2013.

Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:

  • 45% are Service
  • 32% are Manufacturers
  • 17% are Construction
  • 6% are Retail

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