As a Sacramento executive placement firm, Pacific Staffing knows executives face unique challenges when it comes to searching for new opportunities while unemployed. From non-compete clauses to a slower hiring process (due to the fact hiring someone for a leadership role is far more costly), it’s not unheard of for an executive job search to take from nine months to a year. Is there anything you can do to speed up the process?

While you can’t impact a company’s hiring procedures, there are a few strategies you can employ that will help to decrease the time it takes you to find a new job. These include:

Strategy #1: Staying Active

It’s critical that you maintain your competitive edge during your job search. One way to do that is to stay active and connected, whether you regularly attend networking events, enroll in continuing education classes, or secure opportunities to serve on volunteer boards. Another option is to seek out contracting or consulting opportunities that enable you to continue working while you’re searching for a new full-time opportunity.

Not only will you stay sharp and expand your network, but remaining active also offers you details to provide a potential employer when they ask what you’ve been doing between job interviews.

Strategy #2: Setting Goals & Assessing Performance

At work, you’re accustomed to goal setting, benchmarking, and measuring success. Approach your job search in much the same way. Each week, outline specific objectives you’d like to achieve and then evaluate where you stand on a regular basis. If it’s clear you’re hitting some stumbling blocks on the way to your goal, ask yourself where you’re going wrong. For instance, are you getting first interviews but not second? Or are you getting second interviews but not the final offer? Perhaps your interview skills need work.

Strategy #3: Promoting Yourself

If you’ve been made offers that you’ve turned down, communicate that fact during job interviews. While you don’t want to brag, you do want to let potential employers know that you are in demand. When they ask what you’ve been doing during your job search, simply mention you’ve entertained a few other offers but declined them. Be prepared to explain why.

Strategy #4: Broadening Your Horizons

If you’ve been searching for a job longer than you expected to be, it could be time to broaden your horizons. One of the fastest ways to do that is to expand the geographical location you’re searching for opportunities in, for instance enlarging it to a regional or national basis. Another option is to consider a different job title or role than the one you’re currently pursuing.

By understanding the special challenges you face as an unemployed executive and implementing the solutions above, you can significantly improve results – and decrease your level of job search frustration. More importantly, you can land a rewarding new job faster.

If you need more help with your job search, whether it’s finding leads or preparing for interviews, contact Pacific Staffing. As a Sacramento executive placement firm, we have years of experience connecting high-level candidates with top jobs throughout the area. Contact us today to learn more.