You may think your company’s managers are smart and driven. But are they truly performing at peak potential? As a leading executive search firm in Rancho Cordova, CA, Pacific ExecSearch can tell you that you won’t know unless you properly manage them. And despite what you might think, doing so isn’t that different from managing a regular employee. Here are tips to help you:

Communicate Your Vision

Managers need to know what vision – in terms of both long- and short-term goals – they’re trying to achieve when managing their people. Setting and communicating that vision gives managers the right information and context in which to make decisions.

But you need to go beyond that and also let them know what success looks like. In other words, what will the business achieve when the goals are achieved? If they are not aware of any of this, then they’ll simply be operating in a silo and won’t perform to expectations.

Set the Example

When you’re managing managers, know that you’re setting an example for them as to how to manage. So if you’re not effectively communicating, offering regular feedback, or making good hiring decisions, then don’t expect them to do a better job than you. They are watching and learning from your example. Make sure it’s a good one.

Watch Managers in Action

You want to find out about how your managers are managing. One way to do that is by seeing them for yourself, in action. For instance, occasionally check in unannounced on team meetings, sit in on performance reviews, and work together to conduct job interviews.

Provide the Right Tools

In order to do their jobs as effectively as possible, your managers need the right tools. That means ensuring you have the proper policies and procedures in place, such as an employee handbook that thoroughly outlines vacation policies, performance management, and how overtime is paid. This will nip any issues in the bud before they occur.

Manage Behavior

You likely know that employees don’t quit employers, they quit bad bosses. So while it’s important to track and measure how well your managers are achieving goals, it’s also important to analyze turnover on their team and their leadership skills. A manager who has good relationships with their staff members will result in higher and more consistent productivity, as well as more loyalty among the team.

Managing managers is just as – or even more important – than managing individual employees. Follow the advice above to keep your managers on track and delivering the best results.

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