Desperate Demands and Shiny Black Shoes

Black. When asked what color shoes to wear for a job interview Sacramento’s top regional people managers agree that black is the best choice. While some suggested brown, blue or a bold power red seventy-eight percent (78%) of those questioned say black was still the best choice. However, the tradition of dark suits and shiny black shoes is changing. In direct phone contacts between February 22 and March 22, 2016 they were also asked if business suits were important in personal interviews resulting in a split decision contradicting old school traditions of suits for men and women.  Pacific Staffing discovered an even split among Sacramento regional Service, Manufacturing, Construction and Retail firms. Among those responding forty percent (40%) said yes, while another forty percent (40%) said business suits were not required. One contact described it as, ‘Clean, business casual for most, but some top admin positions likely required business suits.’

In other anecdotal comments HR contacts suggested ‘dressing the part’ or ‘appropriate dress for the job’ was okay while others still believed that a suit was ‘showing respect to the interviewer and the company’ during the interview process.  Another suggested dressing down or ‘coming as you are’ for the drug test was fine. There was little difference in response based on gender, but one HR contact polled commented that ‘she has seen more cleavage than she ever wanted to’ among female applicants and found that inappropriate. While the idea of business dress for interviews was equally driven by the type of work and company culture respondents agreed that it was still important to be clean, well groomed and make your best presentation in competing for work.

While twenty-two percent (22%) of Sacramento’s top employers surveyed say finding qualified applicants is their top challenge in the next three months, sixty-seven percent (67%) are hiring in Q2. Second Quarter hiring demand has risen by nine percent (9%) since Q1 among regional companies polled. While more companies say hiring demand is motivated by replacements with fifty-six percent (56%) citing attrition, forty-nine percent (49%) reported hiring for growth or expansion of workforce. Eleven percent (11%) say some hiring is also seasonal demand. No Q2 layoffs were anticipated among those surveyed.

Skills Demand?

Some employers noted a ‘desperate’ need for skilled trades construction experience, especially carpenters while others sought applicants with electric and mechanical backgrounds for automated/production lines. High demand continues for qualified engineers and information technology skills, general office/clerical, accounting and customer service/sales in April, May and June.

How does this Quarter compare to last Quarter, or last year?

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Sacramento Regional Top Companies Polled By Industry:  

  • 37% Service
  • 35% Manufacturers
  • 16% Construction
  • 2% are Retail

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